Sentio Wiki

As you test apps on your device with the Superbook, please add them to the list below. If you find contradictory information, please err on the side of adding it to the table instead of replacing existing notes.

If an app requires a specific setting to work, please note that down and add the setting/workaround to the App-Specific Info page.

In the "Works?" column, the arbitrary rubric is:

5 - no major problems

4 - sporadic issues

3 - issues with workarounds

2 - launches, but use is challenging

1 - launches, but is unusable

0 - crashes

Req FS? - Yes means the menubar goes away and you have to close it the orange button at top right.

Application Works? Req FS? General Notes Device/Region Specific notes Specific Setting required?
1Password 5 N In Advanced settings, enable screenshots to allow it to be mirrored.
Accuweather 5 N None
Bloons Adventure Time TD 5 Y Smooth, fills entire screen on my PH1
Chrome 4 N Works well, can request "Desktop Site" in the three dot menu for most sites. Switching tabs will reload the page (unlike desktop Chrome.) Can't "hover" over things. Phones with notches - app will not fill the whole screen.
ClassicBoy 5 N Runs best outside of the Sentio Desktop (can be resource-intense).

An emulator for old-timey game goodness (PSX, Sega Genesis etc).

Pair with a Sony Dualshock 4 for best experience - remember to map all the controls in the app.
Dashlane 4 N In Dashlane Settings, choose "Allow Screenshots" to allow it to be mirrored on the external screen. Once this is done, works well. No tablet-style mode.
ESPN 5 N Videos do work.
Fox Sports GO 2 N Video only plays on phone.
Google Calendar 5 Y Works, but menu bar does go away
Instagram 4 Runs in fullscreen only, no window mode
Juice SSH 5 N Works great
LastPass 2 N Video only plays on phone
MLB At Bat 2 Video only plays on phone
Monument Valley 1 Y I so wanted this to work! It handles the tablet orientation fine, but on the very first tutorial level, you get stuck at the top of the screen. :(
Netflix 3 Y Video plays on the phone, navigation happens on the SB
Play Movies & TV 2 Y Can browse and transact, but no premium content plays.
Playstation Vue Mobile 2 No video. Only plays on phone
Plex 2 Video is tinted orange. If you make the "menu" appear where you can fast forward, video is normal, but once the overlay goes away, back to orange tint
Pluto Video 5 N Works great. 100+ free live channels
Prime Video 5 N Plays all video. Great way to access movies synced with
Super Mario Run 4 N No keyboard support - must tap phone to jump.
Vudu 2 Y Only mobile mode - no tablet-style view. Can purchase and do all features except watch movies.
Whatsapp 5 N Works great, also with changed DPI
Telegram 4 N Works, but has issues with changed DPI (messed up font sizes)
Signal 2 N runs, but black screen on SB
YouTube 4 N When watching a video, you can send it to "picture-in-picture," but can't swipe to get rid of it. Kind of a faux tablet mode. Did not test playing purchases.
Zoom Cloud Meetings 4 Y Awkward, because sound and camera are still on the phone.