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This page is made to show desktop software thats available on Android, to use together with the SuperBook. Together with a list of phones that work with them. Because some phones work better with certain apps, then others.

This page is still work in progress. Feel free to add your findings !


You will always need the DisplayLink app to make connection from your Android device to your SuperBook. Also you will need either the Sentio Desktop app or the SuperBook Updater to update the firmware of your SuperBook.

Apps - Overview[]

Android App Android version(s) Note(s)
DeX Check this wiki page aswell.
SecondScreen Especially usefull for phones with a notch

For more info see below




SecondScreen is an app that enables the user to set resolution and density when connecting your device with an external display like the Superbook. It offers a notch mode that enables Superbook users to use the fullscreen instead of dealing with a black bar on one site of the screen.

Set up[]


After downloading and installing the app from the playstore you have to grant elevated permissions via root access or adb shell commands. Connect your phone with an device running ADB.

Run the following command:

adb shell pm grant android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

Restart your phone after doing so. If you use the app in combinaton with Sentio Desktop make sure to disable the option "change screen ratio to match superbook".

In APP[]

Create a new profile, e.g. Superbook.

Recommended settings for 1080p Superbook:

Resolution 1920x1080
Density 320 dpi
Orientation landscape
Timeout Always on

Notch Smartphone users[]

Make sure you enable the notch compability mode in the setting of the app (not in the profile).

Known issues[]

Normally when connecting a display the app should start automatically, but sometimes this won't happen.

After disconnecting a display the density is not changing back to normal. Change the resolution in your devices settings and it should be back to normal.

Support by Device[]

Manufacturer Device App(s) Note(s)
Samsung S8+ SecondScreen