Sentio Wiki

Superbook Specific shortcuts[]

Hold down the <Fn> Key and something else to toggle things.

Fn + Function Notes
Power Soft-reset
p Toggle USB-PD (power delivery/attempt to charge the attached phone) In firmware, this became a one-way switch, have to reset the SB to re-enable USB-PD
t Disable/enable the touchpad Introduced in the firmware/24 Oct 2018

Generic Android shortcuts[]

Taken from a PCWorld Article, substituting Sentio Logo key on the SB's keyboard for Search.

Shortcut Function Notes
Sentio+B Open Browser
Sentio+C Open contacts
Sentio+E Open email client
Sentio+G Open Gmail
Sentio+I Open calendar
Sentio+M Open Maps
Sentio+N Open Notification bar
Sentio+P Open Music
Sentio+S Open Text messaging
Sentio+Y Open YouTube