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Batch numbers[]

The batch numbers in the backer portal are not relevant any more. The initial plan was to ship in batches but grouping by shipping region has advantages for logistics.

Although the batch numbers are still displayed in the backer portal, they no longer have any meaning.

Current shipping status[]

Region Model Status
US / North America 1080p As of Oct 3 Sentio reports 50% of Superbooks destined for all North America have shipped from the fulfillment location.

Some backers are reporting receiving no shipping information - some report getting shipping information.

UPS / FedEx and other shipping companies may be used for last mile delivery.

Europe 1080p (From 24 Sep 2018)

Found out why the EU shipment was not shipped out last week, apparently they are missing some of the KS goal accessories that they suppose to ship with the superbook:

- Don't have sleeve, skin, keyboard sticker, Mounties

- What they have on hand is: Superbook, Charger, USB-C cables. boxes...

Apparently the accessories was accidentally left at the China/HK warehouse (thinking all of them was for the HK warehouse) when they send out the container with all the superbook/chargers/cables. So we need to get the logistical provider to air ship the missing accessories over to NL to began shipment. Since entire china/hk is on holidays right now, we won't have any update until Wednesday at the earliest also.

We are working on 2 plans right now for the EU shipments:

1) try to get the accessories over to EU by end of this week, so we can start shipment as soon as we can.

2) evaluating the possibility of shipping out the superbook for NL backers without the extra accessories, and make up SOME of the accessories at a later shipment.[1]

APAC 1080p The APAC units shipment has already started. Keep an eye out for shipment notice. The Logistic provider is aiming to finish HK warehouse shipment by end of November. [2]
All regions 768p All Kickstarter backers that selected 768p option will be upgraded to the 1080p model at no additional cost to the backer.[3]