Superbook Firmware Updater:

Superbook Standalone Updater for Linux (Ubuntu x64):

Here is the Sentio Updater for Linux, tested on Ubuntu 18.04

After installing the package, start the command


(in a terminal or command run)

Superbook standalone trackpad update:

The following utilities will eventually provided via the superbook firmware update, but for now we are providing it as a stand alone for faster user update.

Window 10

Mac: (TBD) - Note: bad news for VM fans, the update app doesnt work inside a VM

Windows 10 Instructions for standalone trackpad update

  1. Download and uncompress the file.
  2. Open the resulting folder and find the 'KB_TP_Updater_61F83' program icon.
  3. With the Superbook connected to your Windows 10 PC, Right-click on the icon for 'KB_TP_Updater_61F83' and select 'Run as Administrator'
  4. If you get the pop-up saying "Windows Protected your PC", click on the "More info" text which will give you a "Run anyway" button.
  5. A "User Account Control" window will pop-up, Click on "Yes"
  6. Click on the big 'Go' button.

NOTE: if the KB State box is empty, hold FN key then press power key to do a soft reset (should fix it)


Useful superbook apps:

Netflix for Android not needing HCDP

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