Sentio Wiki

Supported OS[]

OS Version Known Issues Link/Drivers
Windows XP - 10 N/A
OS_X 10.6 - 10.14 See website for latest
Ubuntu 16.04 - 18.04 only supported Linux kernel versions are 4.4 and 4.15.
Debian + any debian based distros like Ubuntu 18.10 any kernel version See website for latest
Fedora 26-28 Tested working with Fedora 28 KDE Spin.
Chromebook R51+ N/A Built into the OS, no driver needed
Android 5.0+ See support device list below
iOS Not currently supported
WM 10 Not currently supported
Raspberry Pi (Android) N/A Must use Android OS 5+ Must use Displaylink Android driver
Raspberry Pi Raspbian 9.0 (stretch) Requires a driver to be installed See the Raspberry Pi wiki page

Android support by device[]

Type-C Android phones[]

When using the Sentio provided USB-C cables, take a look at the ends of the cables, the end with white interior plugs into the SB, the end with black plugs into your phone. Some have reported that you also need to make sure the Sentio logo is facing up.

For all devices reported with trackpad not working, please upgrade to latest trackpad firmware using the trackpad upgrade utility here:

Manufacturer Device Android OS OTG

& Charging

Known issues
Asus ROG Phone 8.1.0 Both
Blackview BV8000Pro 7.0 Both* No trackpad. Logitech Cube works well.

*Version of Android OS from Blackview has effect on whether USB-PD works or not. Currently Build V0.1_20170803 works. Newer versions don't.

8.0 OTG only Enter Fn-P to disable USB-PD.

Trackpad works after Sentio's KB Patch from Windows. Currently the Trackpad stops working if the keyboard is used.

BV6800Pro 8.0 OTG only Because of the BV6800's 8mm deep USB-C connector, the standard Sentio cable will not work. The solution is to use the USB-C to MicroUSB adapter included with the phone and Sentio's MicroUSB cable. Unfortunately, this disables charging, but works.
Essential PH1 7.0 - 8.1 OTG only On initial connection to the Superbook, the Sentio desktop launches and begins a firmware update. Halfway through, the Superbook reboots and does not recognize the phone. At this point, disconnect everything (despite what Sentio desktop says) and power cycle the Superbook. When you see the prompt to connect your phone again, type Fn-P to turn off USB-PD (power delivery) and reattach your phone via the USB-C cable. The firmware update should complete.
Google Pixel 7.0 - 8.1 Both
Pixel XL 7.0 - P Both 1 report of USB-PD charging not working. (firmware bug)
Pixel 2 8.0 - P Both Few users reported of no issue (but one report of trackpad not working, still investigating)
Pixel 2XL 8.0 - P Both
Pixel 3XL 9.0 Both Hide the notch in Developer Settings to get full screen (cannot hide Android nav buttons)
Nexus 5x 6 - 8.1 Both Trackpad currently not working.

  • Users have reported N5x not able to charge from SB
Nexus 6p 6 - 8.1 OTG Only User reporting trackpad and USB-PD not working
Nexus 6 6-8.1 OTG Only User report trackpad not working
HTC Bolt 6 OTG only Must disable USB-PD to connect, also have trackpad issue.
10 6 - 7
U11 7-8 Must disable USB-PD to connect.
U12 8
Huawei Honor 8 7.1 - 8 Both Some user report first time connecting the displaylink driver require multiple retries before the Displaylink app detect the superbook. Alternatively use a different phone to initialized the superbook display first.
Mate 9 7.1 - 8 Both
Mate 10 8
Mate 20 Pro 9 Both Sentio Desktop is not running fullscreen on SB. There is a black bar on the left side of the screen. About 1cm wide.

Running any app in Sentio Desktop let the notification/status bar to pop up stealing another 1 cm on the top screen

Screenshots cut off about 5% of what is shown on the right side of the screen

P9 7 Otg only without changing DPI: 1cm wide bar on the right side of screen

with changing DPI: 1cm bar on the bottom of screen. Does not charge the phone

LG G5 6 - 7.1 OTG only Some user report USB-PD not working
G6 8.0.0 Both Trackpad locked in portrait orientation.
G6 8.0.0 Both All is as expected
V20 6 - 8.0 Both* * Some report of instability on connection when battery is low on the V20
V30/V35 8.0 - 8.1 Both Trackpad locked in portrait orientation. (when in landscape, "down" is "left)
V40 8.1 OTG only Phone not charging, DPI change produces large navigation row at the bottom of the screen.
Meiigoo M1 7.0 OTG Only Display & Keyboard work. No trackpad.
Moto G6 8.0 Some troubles with G6 in Android 9.0
Z 7-8.0 OTG only* currently major issues on obtaining stable connection between Moto Z and Superbook. Requires an Apple USB-C Digital AV adapter with USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to Superbook. Does not charge the phone in this mode.
Z Play 8 OTG only ADB instructions did not work. Needed to download the Motorola drivers for Windows and then the Android Debug Bridge command line tool. Then run the adb commands through windows command prompt. See:
Z2 Force 8 OTG only
Z2 Play 8 unknown (using non - Sentio USB cable) See ADB issues noted for Moto Z Play
Z3 8.1 OTG only Used same steps as noted for Moto Z Play.

Also needed to disable the Power Delivery using the Fn+P combo before the Superbook would detect the DisplayLink.

X4 8 DO NOT do firmware upgrade!There is a known issue that if you upgrade you need to disable PD (Power Delivery) using Fn+P keyboard combination in order for the Superbook to work with Moto X4
Nokia 7 plus 9 OTG only* Generally Not working. Random disconnects, connection stays on anywhere between 2 seconds and 1 minute
8.1 (X7) 9 OTG only KB and trackpad are working. Did not use sentio shell.
One Plus 3 / 3T 6 Both Must enable OTG in the setting menu, each time to connect to superbook. (on some OPO ROM)

  • some users reported 5T working with OTG & Charging (might be rom dependent)
  • OP3/3T Android 8.0; Sentio DPI fix doesn't work. Users must manually adjust DPI.

Check here for info on how to permanently enable OTG on OP/OxygenOS phones.

7.0 OTG only
7.1 Both
8.0 OTG only
5 / 5T 7.1 OTG only*
6 8.0-9.0
Razer Phone 2 9 OTG Only Disable USB PD (Fn+P) in order to work.
Samsung Galaxy S8 7.1 - 8.1 Both
Galaxy S8+ 7.1 - 8.1 Both
Galaxy Note 8 7.1 - 8.1 Both 2 user report charging not working due to firmware bugs
Galaxy S9 8.0 - 8.1 Both
Galaxy S9+ 8.0 - 8.1 Both
Galaxy Note 9 8.1 Both Sentio update fixed screen missing 1/2" top and bottom. Now just 1cm at bottom. Use match screen to sentio setting.

Need to do multi window and DPI ADB command.

Had to soft reset once after losing track pad function

some connection inconsistencies between phone and laptop at times.

Sony Xperia XZ1 8.0.0 OTG Trackpad working after Update. Navigation keys stay on desktop. Phone not charging.
Xperia x compact 8.0.0 OTG Trackpad works but no multitouch, i.e. no two-finger-scrolling etc.

No Charging of the phone

Navigation Keys stay on desktop

Xperia XZ 8.0.0 OTG To get the superbook to be detected by the Xperia phone, go to settings->Device Connection->USB Connectivity then selected Detect USB Device.
Xperia XZ Premium 8.0.0 OTG Slight issues with USB-PD, requires further testing to confirm compatibility when enabled.
XZ2 Compact 9 Trackpad working
uniHertz Atom 8.1.0 OTG Only No trackpad. Enter Fn-P to disable USB-PD.

Display distorted due to low DPI display on phone.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 8.1.0 OTG Only Don't use the Sentio USB-C to USB-C cables as they cause a USB negotiation loop (even with the correct orientation. Might be fixable in future through Xiaomi setting tweaks or Sentio firmware update).

Instead buy a USB-C to USB-A OTG adapter, plug that into the phone and use with the charging cable that came with phone.

ZTE Axon 7 7.1.1 OTG* Will test later and confirm power transfer as well.

Micro-B Android Phones[]

Manufacturer Device Android OS OTG

& Charging

Known issues
Google Nexus 5 7.1.2 OTG Only Touchpad does not work. Does not charge phone.
Lineage 14.1 OTG only Touchpad/multitouch/resizing/DPI works with newest firmware. Does not charge phone.
HTC One m9 7.0 ??? Phone is powering SB.

Touchpad doesn't work (use USB Mouse at SB works).

Keyboard is working.

Moto G3 OTG adb command to save Sentio settings is not recognized.
G (original Falcon) lineage-14.1 OTG Display and keyboard works, touchpad doesn't respond at all. Does not charge the phone.
G4 7.0 OTG Display and keyboard works, touchpad works after applying the touchpad firmware update. Does not charge the phone.
G4 Plus 7.0 OTG Display and keyboard works, touchpad doesn't respond at all. Does not charge the phone.
G5plus OTG Touchpad doesn't work for some; otherwise it is too sensitive and suffers from accidental clicking.

Charging will not work until such time that power is provided via power supply pins at all times.

X Force (Droid Turbo 2) 7.0 OTG No major issues. Poor performance with screen sharing (20 fps avg, lags)
X Pure Edition 7.0 OTG Only Display and keyboard works. Touchpad does not work and charging does not work.
Galaxy S4 7.1.1 OTG Only OTG Only, no charging. Touchpad works, but multi-touch does not (no two-finger scrolling).
Galaxy S5 6.0.1 OTG OTG Only, no charging. Touchpad works, but multi-touch does not (no two-finger scrolling).
Galaxy S6 7.0 Charging Issue Touchpad Firmware Update through Windows 10 fixes the touchpad problem. BUT charging still does not work with USB-C to Micro USB adapter.
Galaxy S7 8.0 OTG Charging does not work with USB-C to Micro USB adapter. Use of a wireless charger connected to the only usb port on the Superbook allows you to charge wirelessly while using OTG via the cable.
Note 4 6.0.1 OTG Charging does not work.

OTG functions appear to work so far, but not smoothly. Trackpad is slightly jittery and manages to pick up false clicks when moving across the trackpad. Trackpad does not appear to support scrolling!!! Keyboard keys don't necessarily do what you think they'll do. Screen is chopped off at the top.

Note 5 OTG Touchpad doesn't work.
uniHertz Jelly Pro 8.1 Charge only Jelly Pro has no OTG Support. DisplayLink not available
ZTE Axon 7 7.1.1 OTG* Will test later and confirm power transfer 

Micro-B Android Tablets[]

Manufacturer Device Android oS OTG & Charging Known Issues
Amazon Fire HD 10 6.0.1 OTG.

Charging stopped when I started DisplayLink Presenter.

Did not try Sentio Desktop.
Onyx Boox Max 2 Pro Fire 5.1.1 OTG.

Charging stopped soon after connection.

Micro B connector in shipped cable was loose in Onyx, causing intermittent DisplayLink disconnects.

Mirroring was badly letter boxed due to being mirrored on opposite axis. Android rotation settings might help resolve.

Did not try Sentio Desktop.

Specific Apps[]

This page is for devices and OS' that have been tested with the Superbook. For specific apps, refer to the Android Apps Compatibility page.